Posted by: popcouver | May 22, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse SOUNDTRACK

Hey kiddies.

Remember that fateful fall day, when the soundtrack for New Moon was released? We all began to play it on repeat, memorizing every lyric, every emotion, every swell of intensity behind the music.

That day for Eclipse is coming soon.

June 8 marks the release of the third movie soundtrack and DAMN are we stoked. It has been confirmed that the lovely Canadian Emily Haines and Metric have collaborated with Eclipse’s Howard Shore to create the movie’s theme.

The full release from Metric’s website can be read here.

Other performers on the tracklist are The Bravery, Florence + The Machine, and Vampire Weekend.

Muse also makes their Twilight Hat-Trick with “Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)”. Here’s the vid for your enjoyment.


Also, here’s a Behind-the-Scenes look at the making of this gem.

Can I just say that Muse is even more epic live? Their tour with the “three big pillars” was AMAZING.

Enjoy the Twicrack, Vancouverites! Less than a month to go!

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