Posted by: popcouver | May 22, 2010

SPOILER ALERT: TV Finale Season- Hit or Miss?

Alright players, this is how it’s going down. We have GOT to discuss this year’s finale season of TV’s hottest shows. We’ll go through the list and make our comments, and ya’ll can add your own!

Gossip Girl: WTF.

The business with Little J is fine by us- that character lost her fizzle long before this finale. To have her lose her precious V-Card to the emotionally wounded Chuck Bass was genius. But can we discuss the unlikeliness of Blair, Chuck, Serena, Dan, Nate, Jenny, Rufus, AND Lily all appearing at the hospital to welcome Dorota’s baby? I mean, I know it was necessary for the plot, in order for Dan to reveal Chuck’s secret, but let’s get serious. That plot point was a little unrealistic. I also loved how happy and carefree Serena and Blair were as they jetted off to Paris… but WHAT ABOUT CHAIR!? If Chuck is dead, I will be seriously peeved at The CW…. shows always lose their steam when a large majority of principle characters are replaced. The O.C. Season 4, anyone? I usually pretend that Season 3 was the end.  

The Vampire Diaries: Epic Twist.

20 minutes into this finale, I was already wondering WHAT ELSE COULD GO DOWN!? Well played, CW. The death of Anna was definitely a blow to my high, though. She was extremely annoying at first but she definitely has grown on me, especially since she has been such a great friend/love interest for Jeremy. I was hoping that Damon could save her, but alas, the vervane was too strong. (LOLZ). Stephen was, as usual, epic and heroic, and Elena’s speech about loving Stephen, not Damon, was SO MOVING. BUT, on the other hand, the mack sesh between Damon and “Elena” was SO hot, that I almost want that to happen now? Damn you sexy actors. The Catherine twist had ALL my Vamp Dias fans reeling… it was perfectly timed and just shocking enough. The big questions though: What will happen when Elena enters the kitchen? Will Catherine try to hide out a while longer, in order to screw with Elena? Will Anna’s blood work to turn Jeremy even though she’s now dead? Or will Jer end up at the hospital for an O.D.? We can’t wait to find out! 

Grey’s Anatomy: Heart-Racingly Intense.

A 2-hour season finale of Grey’s Anatomy is a personal weakness of mine. It’s like being given a full length film, featuring all the characters we know and love. DID ANY OF YOU SEE THIS INTENSITY COMING!? My heart was pounding the entire time. I was sad to see Percy and Reid go, but was SO HAPPY to see that Meredith, Cristina, Owen, and McDreamy are all okay. I stand by my previous claims that Sandra Oh is by FAR the most talented actress on this show- her performance while being held at gunpoint was absolutely amazing. Was anyone else surprised by the lack of cliff-hanger though? Typically Grey’s likes to keep us wondering about the results for the entire summer, but this year all loose ends were tied. It was satisfying, yes, but what does that mean for Season 7? I also appreciated Shonda Rimes’s consistency with the comments on society. The Shooter’s speech about buying his gun at Superstore really made me think. What is wrong with our world that anyone can just go purchase a handgun? There’s some serious food for thought.

Luckily, some of our absolute favorite shows are just getting rolling. Glee is featuring Lady GaGa next week, The Hills Season 6 is only a few episodes in, SYTYCD has yet to start, and True Blood is just around the corner! Thank god for all that!


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