Posted by: popcouver | April 28, 2010

RPattz heading towards the Couve! Plus Breaking Dawn Update

With KStew and TayLaut both arriving here in the Couve yesterday it comes as no surprise that RPattz was spotted in the Heathrow Airport this morning enroute to the Couve. This means the whole Twitrinity is forsure going to be reunited here in the Couve for a few days. They will probably be here until May 5th in which time they will be flying to Chicago to film their episode of Oprah along with Dakota Fanning. It is so fun just knowing that these three are hanging out in our city for a few days. Fingers still crossed for them to come back for Breaking Dawn. Speaking of the fouth installement of the Twilight Saga, it has come to our attention that the offical director has been announced. ET Canada tweeted this just a few minutes ago: Confirmed Dreamgirls director Bill Condon will step behind the lens for “Breaking Dawn” -ProdJodie. This is a good sign for all twihards because with a director picked out, filming may actaully get underway by the rumoured October start date. How do you all feel about Bill Condon handling this epic film? Let us know in the comment section! Also check out these pics of RPattz in Heathrow!

UPDATE: Summit has offically released the Bill Condon info. Check out the message here. Could this be Summits way of making Twihards forget about the fact that they are having to reshoot scenes of Eclipse??? Either way we are happy for any Twilight info we can get!

UPDATE #2: Apparently Stephanie Meyer’s is going to be the producer for Breaking Dawn?!?! This might explain why it was taking them so long to figure out the money and the director. Does this mean it is going to be 1 movie or 2? And what does Stephanie’s involvement mean for the films? Will they be truer to the story because she will be there or will the Director have less creative space? We hope that this is going to help Condon manage the huge responsibility that is Breaking Dawn and not impact the film quality at all. Feeling like a little kid on Christmas morning thanks to all of these BD updates! Keep them coming Summit!



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    • Thanks for the love! We live to serve you with awesome gossip haha

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