Posted by: popcouver | April 18, 2010

Oprah- First Glee, Now Eclipse?

Oprah is already pretty much queen of the world, but then she scores the first live performance by the Glee cast AND the first group interview for Eclipse?! What’s next, Justin Bieber?

There has also been confirmation that the 2nd and FINAL Eclipse trailer is going to be revealed on Oprah this coming Friday…

Twihards can tune in to catch up on K-Stew, R-Pattz, Tay-Laut, and the rest of the cast! (At least we hope… there’s been no confirmation on who’s going to be making an appearence…)

They wouldn’t dare to have a special episode without Rob, right?

With Kristen back in the USA (from her love trip visiting Rob- again, no confirmation), we’re positive she’ll be there.

Also, Taylor hasn’t been out and about much lately, so we’re sure he’ll be on.

Can we hope enough that Dakota will also show?!

Guess we’ll have to tune in to find out!

Here’s a few more Eclipse stills to tide ya’ll over until Friday.


  1. Yeah, she’s totally the queen.

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