Posted by: popcouver | April 18, 2010

Bieber Fever isn’t enough to win a Juno

The question on everyone’s mind has been answered!

The results are in!

Canada’s favorite music awards show went down in Newfoundland tonight, and it featured Drake beating out Justin Beiber for Best New Artist. Drake also won Best Rap Track while poor ‘Baby’ Bieber went home empty-handed. Really? A People cover and worldwide success, as well as being the youngest artist to ever hold a #1 spot for three weeks isn’t enough for the prestigious Juno Award? We beg to differ. Big winner of the night was Michael Buble with four awards (shocker… naaaat.)

Granted, we do have a soft spot for Drake (who could ever forget him in Degrassi?) but the dude doesn’t even have an ALBUM yet. On the other hand, he WAS nominated for a Grammy…

I guess what we’ve clarified is that this was a TOUGH CALL.

Our love goes out to both the Canadian Cuties. Besides, who didn’t love Drake’s shout-out to Justin in his acceptance speech?

Go to to watch the entire show! Justin also performed with special guest- Drake! It was hot.

Also on, check out All-Access footage of the Junos rehearsals as well as the Junos Cup. Our favorite part? When Classified was signing autographs at a Newfoundland mall and reacted to the crowds by saying, “This is crazy. I feel like Justin Bieber, ruling the world”.

See? Even Classified has Bieber Fever!

Love it.


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