Posted by: popcouver | April 12, 2010

The Glee Cast does TV Guide in Madonna Fashion

Alright Gleeks, only one day to go!! Tomorrow we will get to see the first new episode of Glee in 4 whole months. It is no suprise than that the Glee cast is on the cover of this weeks TV Guide. The fun part is that they are all in different Madonna themed wear, as a preview for their second episode which is a tribute to Madonna. Check out all the awesome pics of the cast in their Madge wear below!

These pics are amazing!! I have a feeling we are not going to be disappointed tomorrow! Get your PVR’s ready Vancouver!!

UPDATE: Thanks to one of our devoted Popcouver readers we have fixed a mistake! The Madonna episode is not premiering tonight, but next week! Tonight we get to see a Beatles episode! Thanks reader!




  1. I hate to correct you all knowing popcouverites, but the first episode, airing tonight, is actually Beatles themed, title Hell-o. The Madonna tribute episode is coming though, next week. Get excited!

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