Posted by: popcouver | March 21, 2010

The Runaways Is A Hit

… at least according to the ladies here at Popcouver.


We saw the film lastnight at Scotiabank Theatre in downtown Vancouver, and we were all blown away by the skillz of Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. Joan Jett and Cherie Currie got involved in some pretty messy stuff in their time in the limelight, but it was convincingly portrayed by these acting vets.

The music was phenomenal (go to iTunes to buy the album for $9.99… we did and we are NOT regretting that decision one bit), truely nostalgic of the rock ‘n roll vibe of 1975, the costumes were ballin’ (get me a pair of leather pants, stat!), and the cinematography was artistic and interesting. Not only do you get the story of the rise and fall of the first all-girl rock group, but you really get to dig deep into these people and their lives at the time.

Also portraying members of The Runaways are Stella Maeve as Sandy West (you might recognize her from Gossip Girl),  Alia Shawkat as Robin (who played Ellen Page’s BFF in Whip It), and Scout Taylor-Compton as Lita Ford (she played Dean’s little sister on Gilmore Girls!), all of whom looked fantasic and did a lovely job. 

Two Thumbs Waaaaaay Up!

And also, Twi-hards, just because you are a fan of Kristen as she portrays Bella doesn’t mean you’ll be really into this film. Be careful taking young Twilight fans, because like Remember Me, this is a much more adult film which is allowing Kristen to grow beyond the boundaries of her role as Bella. Any older fans who are also into music and art, this will be a hit for you as well! Get down to Scotiabank, ya’ll!


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