Posted by: popcouver | March 13, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Not just Edward and Bella!

Happy Saturday, Popcouverites!

We bloggers have been getting our fill of the lovely Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson this past week. Not only did the FANTASTIC first peek of Eclipse release online as well as in theatres, RPattz’s newest flick, Remember Me, opened in theatres yesterday. BEWARE of spoilers on other blogs, but here at the Pop we are just telling you: Rob was amazing. He’s said in previous interviews that he felt this script was amazing and had to be made into a film, and he was correct! If you are in for a compelling, interesting, multi-dimensional (and STEAMY!) flick, this would be the one! It’s fascinating to see Rob playing a character so different from himself or his previous roles… that boy can act! Wow.

Also coming up on March 19, coincidentally a week after Rob’s premiere (?), Kristen and Dakota Fanning star in The Runaways. Every interview/preview we’ve seen looks like a FANTASTIC show… Kristen hacked off her hair into a mimic of the rocker’s mullet and got the same tattoo that Jett had at the time that the film is set. Dakota learned Cherie Curie’s “mic trick”, which features her swinging the mic around by the cord and wrapping it around her leg? That’s skill.  Although I’ve hated on Dakota previously, turns out that Curie was only FIFTEEN when she joined Joan Jett in The Runaways… so Dakota was obviously a fantastic fit. The only other teen actress I can think of that would fit the bill would be Taylor Momsen, and who REALLY wants to deal with that cracked-out cutie? Dakota has been nothing but professional and endearing in interviews, and obviously Kristen has bitten her lip and fumbled her words repeatedly… but that’s how we like her!

Also, let’s take a minute to appreciate the girls’ looks at the premiere of The Runaways… Dakota looks mature but age appropriate, showing off her long legs in her sparkly little number, while Kristen ventures into the Pink Unknown featuring a little bit of rebellion with that sheer panelling! Upon further review, Kristen almost NEVER rocks a look that has me cringing. That girl knows how to dress in order to look effortless and chic.

Lastly, in an unrelated tidbit of info, during my internet stalking this morning I found this lil gem of K+R…

Could they get any cuter? Answer: no. Why can’t they just appease the Twi-Hards and confess their undying love for one another? And then move back to Vancouver and be BFFs with the Popcouver girls?


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