Posted by: popcouver | March 8, 2010

Popcouver’s Academy Awards Review

Last nights Academy Awards was a great show! We may be a little biased because we love epic dresses and seeing celebrities give emotional speeches. There have been some mixed reviews about the show so we just thought we would let the world know that we thought it was an excellent show! We were pretty excited to see almost all the nominees we thought should be winning win! We also wanted to add an extra  woot woot for both Sandra Bullock and Mo’Nique!!! We loved both of their performances and thought they were both very deserving and gave very appropriate speeches. Sandra’s mentioning of all the other actresses in her category was great! We would have been fine if any other of the nominees for Best Actresses won, but we thought she was just so gracious and did it right! Now on to what is the most important, THE DRESSES!!

First Up: Sandra Bullock!

Her dress made her look like an Oscar, which turned out to be very appropriate. It looked very matchy match once she had that little gold man in her hands. We think it formed to her rockin body perfectly and made her look like a million bucks. The fact that she had her hair down also worked great with the long elegance of the dress.

We give it an A+

Next: Carey Mulligan

This young beauty rocked the black and bling last night!! Those earrings are to die for! We think the short hair was key for pulling this look off. It also makes her look small and adorable, which is part of her appeal. We also love the angle on the skirt of the dress. It really shows off at least a little bit of her amazing legs. The only thing we would change would be the shoes. They might just be a little to chunky for the red carpet.

We give her a B+

Next: Rachel McAdams

WE LOVED THIS!! We also love our own little Canadian, Rachel McAdams, so we might be a little biased, but she just looks so elegant. We don’t always love pastels on people, but man, can Rachel pull it off. We also loved loved loved her with Jack Gyllenhaal! Could they have made a better pair! We think those two getting together (either in a film OR in a real relationship!) is a must!

We give this a A

Next: Kristen Stewart

Besides the obvious missing accessory of rumoured BF Robert Pattinson, our girl K-Stew was looking elegant and beautiful at the Oscars. This mermaid dress pumped up the glamour with the dark color and the upswept do. Kristen loves to take fashion risks but for once she went basic in a classic look and I love it!

A+ for presenter K-Stew.

Next: Sarah Jessica Parker

Yes, this is a unique color, style, and shape, but if ANYONE can pull off this look, it’s the fashionista SJP! I absolutely love how her classic bun opposes the modern sillouhette.

A for Sarah Jessica, for taking an appropriate risk!

Next: Miley Cyrus

The third time attendee sexed things up compared to her previous Oscar gowns. I have personally struggled with this look for Miley because I’ve always been concerned about how she portrays herself (she’s only 16, people!). However, I have ended up on the positive side. With the poofy updo and minimal jewelry, the booby top works out. A busty-er girl would NOT have been able to rock this look, but Miley is pulling it off. Also, the colour could have been a DISASTER for some, but this sweet sixteen has the perfect golden glow. 

Due to my indecisiveness, I give Miley a B.

Lastly, Zoe Saldana.

Zoe had recieved a lot of negative feedback for this dress, so although I think it’s a fashion DON’T, I’m going to try to focus on the positives. Check the upper body photo- Zoe’s dress has just enough sparkle and color. Being such a beautiful girl, Zoe really can pull off the structured top and lavender color. However, that muppet-inspired flower poof is bad news. 

Sorry, Zoe. I give you a D.

And that concludes our Fashion opinions of the 2010 Oscars! What do you all think? Agree with our opinions? Make sure to comment! 


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