Posted by: popcouver | March 5, 2010

A RiRi NoNo?

Alright, Popcouverites. I’m sure we all agree that fashion is ever-changing and always takes some time to get used to. Personally, I’ve been a huge fan of Rihanna’s style transformation since the very beginning. I almost thought there was NOTHING she couldn’t pull off. From the huge shoulder pads to the weird blonde/black two-tone hair, Rihanna is somehow always looking hot and fresh.


I can’t help it, ya’ll. Rihanna’s newest daring look has gone TOO DARN FAR, even compared to Lady GaGa’s ridiculous getups.

I had a bowl cut at age 3… Rihanna looks worse than I did. And this Peter Pan/Star Trek onesie? Puhhhhh leeeeeze.

What do you think?


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