Posted by: popcouver | March 1, 2010

Team Canada Brings Home The Gold!!

WOOOOOOOOT!! Congrats Team Canada! Way to bring home the Gold and show the rest of the world who’s game they’re playing!! If you were living under a rock for the last 24hrs and are the Couve’s worst resident, I will bring you up to speed…. The Canadian Mens Hockey Team beat Team U.S.A in an OT period! Thanks to Sidney Crosby’s awesome goal, Canada took its gold medal count up to 14 and set a new Olympic record as the country with the most GOLD MEDALS EVER!! It has been a great day to be a Couve resident! We were not that impressed by the closing ceremonies, but didn’t really care because we were just too busy celebrating!! However, we did really enjoy Micheal J Fox’s presentation, and thought that William Shattner was a hilarious choice of presenter.

And now its all over 😦 I am not sure if we Couve residents will know what to do tomorrow once everyone is gone, and we have to go back to just hanging out together. I hope we can keep this new spirit of togetherness in the city! Thanks Canada and the Rest of the World its been nice having you! Come back to the Couve whenever you want and we will do it all again haha

One last time…. GO CANADA GO!!!

UPDATE: One of our Popcouver correspondents just filled us in on some insider information. Apparently, Funny Man celebrity Vince Vaughn was partying it up in a local Vancouver hotspot on Granville Street tonight with what seemed like everyone who lived in The Couve. Hope you had a good time Vince, and that you can hangout in The Couve a little while. I know some ladies who would love you to stay hahaha Thanks insider for the gossip!


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