Posted by: popcouver | February 15, 2010

Fellow Twihards- Prepare Yourselves!

That’s right, lovelies! Summit has released yet another round of Twi-Crack for our enjoyment… Who isn’t pumped for all the loving, kissing, snuggling, and SMILING (yay R-Pattz!) in Eclipse?! Feast your eyes on these stills. If you aren’t drooling a little by the end…. I don’t think we can be friends anymore.


Pant pant pant….

PS: What are your opinions of our new Victoria? Think Bryce Dallas Howard can pull it off?

UPDATE!!!! THERE ARE MORE!! Prepare yourself!

OMG TWIPORN!!!! BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE… must remember how to function! AHHH!



  1. The first and last two pics do not look like Kristen — are they her stand-in??

  2. Hey Linda,
    We were wondering the same thing. The first one really doesn’t look like her, but the last one just looks like Kristen with a bad wing. I think it is due to the wing that it doesn’t look like her, and that it isn’t her stand in.

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