Posted by: popcouver | February 13, 2010

CANADA WELCOMES THE WORLD: Vancouver 2010 Olympics Opening Ceremonies

IT HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED! The 2010 Winter Olympics just started here in the Couve, and they started with a great show! We here at Popcouver believe that the Opening Ceremonies was a huge success. Well done VANOC! It was a very tasteful show. We believe they represented all Canadians from all walks of life very well. It is hard to put our reaction into words. If you didn’t see the show you truely missed out. We believe it was the best opening ceremonies an Olympics has ever had, but we may be a little bias 😉

The only upsetting part was when the Georgian team entered BC Place without their fallen teammate. It is a true tragedy, and our love and condolences go out to Nodar Kumaritashvili’s family, friends, teammates, and country.

We here at Popcouver would like to WELCOME the WORLD to our city! We wish all the athletes a happy, safe, and prosperous games. GO CANADA GO!!!

If you missed the show check out these photos here:

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