Posted by: popcouver | February 6, 2010

In Canada the age of consent is 16 right???

HOLY Teenager Hottie Alert!! As we all should know by now I am a devoted member of Team Edward, but man sometimes TayLaut makes it hard to remember why! This cutie who turns 18 in approximately 5 days, which is legal in the States for all our fans down south, has captured the attention of women of all ages. He was playing in the Fourth Annual DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl which took place in Miami, FL this Saturday afternoon. There were many other celebrities out playing today too, such as Marisa Miller,  AnnaLynne McCord, Kellan Lutz, Jennifer Lopez, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick and Olivia Munn.

Take a look at all the cutie cutes pictures of TayLaut along with fellow celebs here!

I must also add that Kellan Lutz  and Ed Westwick look pretty good as well!

Lets just say I wish I lived in Miami! Nom nom nom nom!



  1. All I can say is, thank god TayLaut is soon to be of legal age! I am sure I speak for all Twihards here when I say that man is yummilicious! We all know women everywhere gave thanks when he finally took off his shirt in New Moon. *purr 😉

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