Posted by: popcouver | February 1, 2010

Ladies Night @ The Grammys!

What a divalicous show it was last night at the Grammy Awards. Both Beyonce and Taylor Swift set records at last night show, and our dear Lady GaGa gave one epic performance. Beyonce stole the show taking home 6 awards last night setting a record for the most awards won by a female artist.  Our fav little girl T-Swift also made history by not only taking home 4 Grammy’s of her own, but by being the youngest artist ever to win the top award, Album of the Year. We were also super amped that Lady Gaga won two awards and gave what we thought was the most exciting performance of the night with the most honorable Sir Elton John. Pink came in a big second with her epic acrobat water routine. We think the Grammy’s this year were made for the ladies and have no problems with it. We also had BIG love for all of the mashups that went on last night. Lady GaGa with Elton John was our favorite, but we also enjoyed T-Swift with Stevie Nicks, The whole Micheal Jackson tribute group, Drake with Little Wayne and Eminem, and Beyonce with Sasha Fierce (we think they should be addressed as two separate people). Another big show stopper was the tear jerking speech given by Micheal Jackson’s children Prince Micheal and Paris.

Check out some pics of the show here!

Over all the Grammy’s were a big success and we here at Popcouver can’t wait to see what else Award Show season has to offer.



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