Posted by: popcouver | January 27, 2010

Where in the world is TaySwift’s perfect man?

Miss Swift is everyone’s favorite country cutie. She was the best selling artist of 2009, won the CMA’s Entertainer of the Year, and was the first country artist to win a VMA. She’s tall, lanky, has perfect spiral curls, and writes all her own music. She was raised in a healthy household and literally has the world wrapped around her finger.

Now why can’t Taylor get a proper boyfriend!?!?

Fellow blogger, Lainey, blogged earlier today that Tay was seen flirting and wooing over the fugly John Mayer yesterday in Nashville.

Sexy voice aside, John Mayer is nowhere near the level of perfection required for someone as flawless as Miss Taylor Swift. That tattoo sleeve alone is reason enough for Taylor to kick her cowboy boots into high gear and away from him.

I think people are full of it. Clearly Taylor has SOME smarts, considering her enormous success as a performer. She, like most other 20-something-year-old girls (me discluded), simply has a little crush on the crooner and has better taste than to consider dating Playboy Mayer…

I hope.

Check out how stoned he looks in the photo, contrasted with Swift’s bright complexion.

PS: As much as I hate this possibility… who doesn’t love the potential for the Couple Name? TayMay?

HA! It’s even better than TayTay or TaySquared!


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