Posted by: popcouver | January 27, 2010


Although we discussed Kristen Stewart’s newest flick, The Runaways earlier this week, there really isn’t such thing as too much KStew. And although our fellow blogger Perez hates on Kristen far too much for my taste, he did bring forward an interesting tidbit today.


Kristen BellaSwan Stewart and Dakota ChildStar Fanning LIPLOCK in The Runaways!!!!


Being the rebelicious diva she is, KStew would totally blow this off as completely uninteresting… I guess after having the nerves to mack on Robert Pattinson the first day you meet him,  kissing a blondie female is not so exciting?

Dakota is adopting a totally nonchalant attitude, saying, “It wasn’t that big of a deal. It’s just another part of the story. This kiss was passionate — Joan [Jett] and Cherie [Currie] were just as close as two could get.” Has she even ever kissed a guy? I know Dakota is a teenager now but I still see her as the little girl in Uptown Girls.

Is it weird that this is just one more aspect of The Runaways that I can’t wait to see?

Thanks for the tip, Perez!


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