Posted by: popcouver | January 26, 2010

The Couve Loves Avatar

HELLO VANCOUVER! sorry we went MIA yesterday apparently we had a case of the mondays here at Popcouver. We are back in action and better than ever now to make up for it.

So back to the blog… We here at Popcouver have been doing some undercover investigation in the couves downtown core and have discovered something major. THE COUVE HAS HUGE LOVE FOR AVATAR!!! We, your Popcouver corespondents, have tried MULTIPLE times now to go see Avatar, the new James Cameron movie with the blue people that won the Best Movie Drama Golden Globe, and have been turned away due to it being sold out for 4 different showings!! Now it is not like we are getting there 5 minutes ahead of time and trying to get in. Oh no, we have been there over an hour and a half early and still not been early enough. I am blaming my dear friend the internet for this one though. The convenience of prepurchasing your ticket online is too tempting for you Vancouverites and you are making the few of us who still believe you can buy your ticket at the boxoffice look like fools. Now I also have to blame Avatar for this one too. I don’t know what it is about this movie yet, as I haven’t been able to see it, but it is selling out the Scotiabank theatre still and it has been out for over a month! I pledge to you Popcouver readers that I will get in that theatre and see that movie and I shall report back on what is so awesome that The Couve obviously just keeps coming back for more.

UPDATE: We have now seen Avatar and LOVE IT!!! I can now see why the theater was sooo busy for sooo long. I am planning on going back to see it again myself. If you haven’t seen it yet try to check it out in 3D. It is definitely worth the few extra dollars for th 3D glasses!



  1. Hello POPCOUVER,
    I have seen Avatar and it is awesome, so I can’t really blame large quantities of Vancouverites for flocking to see it. I do know for a fact, however, that people are going to see the movie three or four times in the theatre. I think this may be a big part of your problem with sold out shows.
    I have also heard rumours that some individuals become so obsessed with the movie that they feel severely depressed after watching it, simply because our planet Earth is not nearly as beautiful or wonderful as the planet in the movie, Pandora. Frankly, I think these people are a bit nuts, it is just a movie, but go see it anyway and let me know what you think.
    Love your blog btw!

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