Posted by: popcouver | January 26, 2010

Is the Couve dreading the Olympics?

Dear Couve residents,

How are you feeling? Are you feeling blue? Well it appears Sports Illustrated thinks you are.

Dave Zirin writes about the mood of Vancouver on the 17-day eve of the games.

“When I arrived in Vancouver, the first thing I noticed was the frowns. The International Olympic Committee has leased every sign and billboard in town to broadcast Olympic joy, but they can’t purchase people’s faces. It’s clear that the 2010 Winter Games has made the mood in the bucolic coastal city decidedly overcast. Even the customs police officer checking my passport started grumbling about “$5,000 hockey tickets.” Polls released on my first day in Vancouver back up this initial impression. Only 50 percent of residents in British Columbia think the Olympics will be positive and 69 percent said too much money is being spent on the Games.”

Now as I read this I can’t help but notice the high numbers of people I have talked to over the last few days who are saying they want out of the city during the Olympics, and that they are heading to warmer and more relaxing locations. I don’t know if this is just the locals I have been talking to or if this is a growing tread in our city as residents are trying to find new ways to chase away the Olympic blues. How are you feeling Popcouver readers? Are you running for the hills, or the beaches too? If so I hope you wear your sunscreen and still tune in to cheer on Canada from your fun in the sun sanctuary.



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