Posted by: popcouver | January 22, 2010

LULU sticks it to VANOC

So as many of your local Vancouverites might know, Lululemon didn’t win the rights to be one of the 2010 Olympic lines. Non the less Lululemon being the mixy company they are have found a way to out smart Vanoc by launching their own CHEER GEAR for the“Cool Sporting Event That Takes Place in British Columbia Between 2009 and 2011″ line. Its quite obvious that lulu lemon is selling olymic gear without calling it olympic gear. I got some pics of the new line and think the stuff looks really awesome actually. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t the coolest thing for lulu to do to Aritzia, but I’m not to worried about Aritzia. They have already sold tons of their Olympic line and will continue to. Also, Lululemon is not the only company who is going to take advantage of the Olympics, so I can’t hate on them to much. As this was on the cover of ‘The Province’ it can’t be new news to your Vancouverites, so what is everyones take on this? Do you think Lululemon is pulling a good move? A bad move? Would you wear it? Let us know Vancouver!

Check out the write up in the province here, check out lululemon’s other cheer items here, and check out the where we got our pics here.


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