Posted by: popcouver | January 22, 2010

LOVE SUCKS and we dig it!

HOTTIE ALERT! the stars of the CW show Vampire Diaries are on the cover of this months issue of Nylon and they are lookin just as good as they do, if not better, as when they are vamping around on the show. We here at POPCOUVER are BIG fans of the vamp dias and make sure we put in the time every week to feed our addiction so this is a big treat for us! Fest your eyes on these pics and be sure to pick up your own copy on news stands.

I am a big fan of these pics myself! What about you guys? What do people think of the pics? Will you be picking up your own copy?

SIDE NOTE: I thought the picture of all three of them was very similar to another fav of ours here at POPCOUVER.

Check it out here:

The pics are for sure not exactly the same as the nylon ones are much more glam than this one. But there is just something about the threesome pics that seems similar. I love both so this is no problem for me! I hope they are starting some sort of vampire threesome trend. Bow chicka wow wow!

Check out the rest of the VampDias pics here (source)


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